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BITS Completes Migration to AWS for an online ad serving firm, creating net savings over $20K/month

We’ve recently completed a large VMWare to AWS migration, and it feels good!


In most other AWS implementations we've become accustomed to a Linux and Open Source flavor, this particular client required a mostly Windows-based server system migration. We were migrating away from a three host VMWare cluster, with many terabytes of SAN-based data. The big challenges were migration and performance testing of large scale MSSQL databases into RDS, creating a secure VPC model that was still convenient enough for application developers to do their work, and tying together some Microsoft enterprise-y pieces, including migrating away from a MS Windows server SCCM model, to a cloud-based RMM / patch management solution, and a cloud-based security threat management system.

Project Team

The BITS project team consisted of a Team Lead/Technical Architect, Technical Operations Manager/Network Security Engineer, Devops engineer, Senior IT Support Engineer, and an IT Security Engineer. This was a senior level team, all with years of client support and related AWS experience. The client team consisted of several application developers, a VP of IT, and a VP of Finance.

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